Grofie green wall

Grofie Green wall system

We’re taking nature into the workplace!
Would you like a gardening-free greenwall to brighten up your office?

Natural and fresh air – A green wall is aesthetically pleasing and brings many benefits to an indoor space. It maintains a healthy humidity which prevents the human respiratory system from drying out. The plants remove carbon dioxide from the air and, in exchange, provide oxygen to create an atmosphere conducive to workplace productivity. The automated watering system and our maintenance programme mean our green walls are always fresh and bright.

We can create a
great atmosphere for you.

What are the differences between a green wall and ordinary office furnishings?
Clean the air
Filter dust, create oxygen and humidify the air reducing the likelihood of breathing disorders and headaches occuring.
Help concentration
Makes you feel comfortable, improves your mood, inspires creativity and consequently increases the efficiency with which you work.
Be the jewel of the office
Bring a piece of nature to your interior and decorate your office.

Have your own green wall!

Be green
Love the plants and benefit from their positive effect on human physiology.
Use your space
Give us at about 6 square metres of wall space with access to electricity and water.
Be patient
Planting takes 1-2 days. The plants become established within 4 weeks and the wall will reach its full beauty .
Donate supply
A wall of plants need 3 to 4 litres of water per day and light provided by our our low energy lights.
It’s easy
Let us tend to your wall and maintain the pleasure that you derive from it.
Be delighted
Enjoy your asset and don’t forget to show it off to others.

Our work

Check out our previous projects
to get inspiration for your own green wall.

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