Electric Traction Motive Power And Energy Supply

Electric Traction   Motive Power and Energy Supply PDF
Author: Andreas Steimel
Publisher: Oldenbourg Industrieverlag
ISBN: 9783835631328
Size: 54.98 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Electric railroads
Languages : en
Pages : 333
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Book Description: This book conveys mechanical fundamentals of electric railway propulsion, which includes rail-bound guidance, transmission of traction effort from wheel to rail under the influence of non-constant levels of adhesion and the transmission of motor torque to a spring-mounted and thus sliding drive set.

The Traction Engine

The Traction Engine PDF
Author: James H. Maggard
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 193532702X
Size: 18.28 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category :
Languages : en
Pages : 307
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Book Description: Developed in the late 1850s, the traction engine revolutionized the agriculture industry. James H. Maggard, an authority on steam power, wrote The Traction Engine for the ¿rough and tumble engineers¿ tasked with operating these machines in the field. That was not an altogether easy task, even for a seasoned professional. Breakdowns, boiler explosions, and injury could result, if one was inattentive. This reprint of the 1900 edition of the book features expanded chapters on the subject of threshing machines and the new internal combustion engine models.

Manual Of Orthopaedics

Manual of Orthopaedics PDF
Author: Marc F. Swiontkowski
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
ISBN: 9780781757553
Size: 30.92 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Medical
Languages : en
Pages : 468
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Book Description: The thoroughly updated Sixth Edition of this popular Spiral® Manual is a reliable, accessible guide for all health care professionals who diagnose and treat musculoskeletal injuries and diseases. In a user-friendly outline format, the book presents specific proven treatment regimens for the full range of acute and chronic orthopaedic disorders. More than 200 illustrations complement the text. This edition's chapters on non-acute disorders include guidelines for primary care physicians on evaluating patients' complaints, planning a cost-effective workup, utilizing physical and occupational therapy, and determining whether orthopaedic subspecialist care is needed. A new chapter covers aspiration and injection of upper and lower extremities.

Fundamentals Of Structural Mechanics

Fundamentals of Structural Mechanics PDF
Author: Keith D. Hjelmstad
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780387233307
Size: 73.89 MB
Format: PDF, ePub
Category : Technology & Engineering
Languages : en
Pages : 480
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Book Description: A solid introduction to basic continuum mechanics, emphasizing variational formulations and numeric computation. The book offers a complete discussion of numerical method techniques used in the study of structural mechanics.


Traction PDF
Author: Justin Mares
Publisher: S Curve Publishing
ISBN: 0976339609
Size: 25.77 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 258
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Book Description: Most startups end in failure. Almost every failed startup has a product. What failed startups don't have are enough customers. Traction Book changes that. We provide startup founders and employees with the framework successful companies use to get traction. It helps you determine which marketing channel will be your key to growth. "If you can get even a single distribution channel to work, you have a great business." -- Peter Thiel, billionare PayPal founder The number one traction mistake founders and employees make is not dedicating as much time to traction as they do to developing a product. This shortsighted approach has startups trying random tactics -- some ads, a blog post or two -- in an unstructured way that will likely fail. We developed our traction framework called Bullseye with the help of the founders behind several of the biggest companies and organizations in the world like Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), Paul English (Kayak.com), Alex Pachikov (Evernote) and more. We interviewed over forty successful founders and researched countless more traction stories -- pulling out the repeatable tactics and strategies they used to get traction. "Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply don't have a good distribution strategy." -- Mark Andreessen, venture capitalist Traction will show you how some of the biggest internet companies have grown, and give you the same tools and framework to get traction.

The Physics Of Tire Traction

The Physics of Tire Traction PDF
Author: Donald Hays
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 1475713703
Size: 11.39 MB
Format: PDF
Category : Juvenile Nonfiction
Languages : en
Pages : 428
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Book Description:

Is Bullock Traction A Sustainable Technology

Is Bullock Traction a Sustainable Technology  PDF
Author: Johann H. Hesse
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9781581120158
Size: 73.99 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
Category : Technology & Engineering
Languages : en
Pages : 316
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Book Description: This study examines the question of whether or not the technology of bullock traction has spread in northern Ghana between 1982/83 and 1993/94 and, furthermore, what factors determine changes in the pattern of the adoption of bullock traction in this area. The introduction to the problem and the objectives of the study in chapter one are followed by a theoretical section in chapter two that focuses on the question why one would have expected a further spread of bullock traction. This chapter explains the direct benefits of bullock traction and reviews the current state of knowledge of this issue. Factors that might have resulted in changes in these direct benefits of bullock traction between 1982/83 and 1993/94 such as population growth and the effects of structural adjustment programs are discussed. Additionally, the implications of the life-cycle of households and the tradition of the inheritance of cattle for changes related to bullock traction adoption over time are identified. Chapter three introduces the empirical data collection procedure and methods. The study is a follow up study to the study of Panin (1988) who conducted research on the same farm-households in 1982/83, in three villages of the Northern Region of Ghana. Chapter four presents the empirical findings about the changes in the socio-economic conditions that are relevant for bullock traction adoption in the study villages. These data extend the information in chapter two to the village level. The empirical findings about changes in the effects of bullock traction at the field level are presented in chapter five. The analysis includes the effects of bullock traction on land use, household labor utilization, performance of crop production, and aspects of bullock traction renting. The effects of bullock traction at the farm-household level were addressed in chapter six. It is necessary to separate the analysis at the field level from the farm-household level analysis because farmers combine different tillage technologies at the farm-household level. This chapter includes changes over time regarding household demographics, resource endowment, farm labor allocation, crop production performance, income statements, and the costs and benefits of an investment in bullock traction. Chapter seven of this study is concerned with the question of whether the changes in the bullock ownership pattern for the sampled households are in line with general trends at village level. For this purpose, the village census of 1994 was compared with 1982 and the result is that the ownership of bullocks and implements has declined which means that the results of the analysis at farm-household level is in line with general trends at village level. Although individual ownership of bullock traction declined, the area plowed by bullocks in the study area increased because renting of bullock traction services increased. Chapter eight of the study discusses important empirical results of chapters four to seven in light of the arguments made in the theoretical chapter two and draws attention to the conclusions of the empirical results. Important points discussed in chapter eight are: methodological issues, the labor-saving effect of bullock traction that is maintained over the years, the effect on crop yields that was found to exist in 1982 but not in 1994, the importance of the life-cycle of households to understand changes in bullock traction adoption at farm-household level, and the effects of structural adjustment programs on the adoption of bullock traction. The study ends with the formulation of recommendations for agricultural extension and further agricultural research. About the Author


Traction PDF
Author: Gino Wickman
Publisher: BenBella Books, Inc.
ISBN: 9781936661824
Size: 44.37 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Mobi
Category : Business & Economics
Languages : en
Pages : 246
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Book Description: Do you have a grip on your business, or does your business have a grip on you? All entrepreneurs and business leaders face similar frustrations—personnel conflict, profit woes, and inadequate growth. Decisions never seem to get made, or, once made, fail to be properly implemented. But there is a solution. It’s not complicated or theoretical. Discovered by more than 80,000 companies, the Entrepreneurial Operating System® is a practical method for achieving the business success you have always envisioned. In Traction, you’ll learn the secrets of strengthening the six key components of your business. You’ll discover simple yet powerful ways to run your company that will give you and your leadership team more focus, more growth, and more enjoyment. Successful companies are applying Traction every day to run profitable, frustration-free businesses—and you can too. For an illustrative, real-world lesson on how to apply Traction to your business, check out its companion book, Get A Grip.

Vehicle Traction Mechanics

Vehicle Traction Mechanics PDF
Author: R.N. Yong
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 0444600485
Size: 20.37 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
Category : Technology & Engineering
Languages : en
Pages : 321
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Book Description: The fundamental problem in the study of vehicle mobility is the development of traction between the vehicle and the supporting terrain. The mechanics of energy transfer will essentially control the final performance of the surficial machine. Determining and predicting the capability of a particular piece of machinery to traverse successfully a specific piece of terrain is very complex, particularly as the characteristics and properties of different types of terrain cover vary considerably, as do the many types of vehicle and their running gear. The material that forms the basis of this book has been gathered over many years of study both in the laboratory and in the field. It studies vehicle traction mechanics from the viewpoint of the interaction between the vehicle and the ground surface. The types of machines covered include earth-moving, forestry, agricultural, and construction machines. In addition, the mechanisms involved in the development of traction and the working of the terrain through cultivation, construction and surface disturbances are examined. The book also addresses the problems of off-road mobility and terrain trafficability, especially from the terrain-support and terrain interaction points of view. It is the authors' aim that the book will provide the reader with the ability to both analyze and predict the traction capability of his proposed machinery, and also to anticipate the kinds of reactions that will occur in the ground and at the ground surface.

Terre Haute Indianapolis And Eastern Traction Company

Terre Haute  Indianapolis and Eastern Traction Company PDF
Author: Jerry Marlette
Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing
ISBN: 1608448053
Size: 66.74 MB
Format: PDF, ePub, Docs
Category : Transportation
Languages : en
Pages : 364
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Book Description: The Terre Haute, Indianapolis & Eastern Traction Company was the ultimate survivor of the more than forty smaller companies which organized, struggled to exist, and finally became a part of the actual operating system popularly known as THIE. From its conception in 1907 as the lessee of several existing larger companies, the THIE system became a worthy competitor for the state's other large interurban company, the Union Traction Company of Indiana. While the mileages operated by the two concerns were roughly equal, and continually changing, THIE did outperform UTC in several categories, such as stock hauling and safety (the THIE safety record far out performed UTC's, both if frequency of accidents and number of fatalities). The history records THIE, s growth from a tiny city installation in Brazil to a multi-county system serving areas of large population such as Indianapolis down to tiny Amo and Dunreith. Covered too are city lines in Crawfordsville (and its pitched battle to originally build!) New Castle, Richmond, and Terre Haute, along with the connecting Lebanon and Thorntown Traction as well as a line which started but petered out five miles out of town - the Covington and Southwestern Traction Company. Other subjects covered are the THIE passenger and freight service, despatching practices, stations and terminals, rolling stock rosters, mileage tables, and other necessary ancillary data to round out the line's history.